Winter Solstice from Lulworth Cove, England

December 28, 2015


Photographer: Chris Kotsiopoulos
Summary Author: Chris Kotsiopoulos
December 2015 Viewer's Choice
Lulworth Cove is on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, south England. Apart from its unique geomorphology, it's a World Heritage Site and an ideal target for winter solstice photography. From this vista, the cove spans 115 degrees across the southern horizon; whereas at this latitude (50.6 degrees north) the Sun covers 103 degrees, from sunrise to sunset, on the date of the winter solstice. Note that this sequence was captured on December 20, 2015 -- the date of the solstice was December 22 in Europe.

My patience was tried by rough and slippery terrain, cows blocking the narrow footpath (actually, this was pretty funny) and three intense rain storms. Fortunately, the results were what I hoped for -- recording the low path of the Sun on one of the shortest days of the year.

Photo Details: Five stacked photos of the Sun's position.