Swiss Alps, Milky Way and Zodiacal Light

January 14, 2016


PhotographerArnaud Besancon
Summary AuthorsArnaud Besancon; Jim Foster
Shown above is a panoramic view of the Milky Way consisting of 80 images as observed from Valais in southwestern Switzerland. It was captured amid the western Swiss Alps at an altitude of approximately 8,200 ft (2,500 m) during in the predawn hours of November 19, 2015. The the conical swatch of light at left is the zodiacal lightVenus is the bright object. Note that the U-shaped valley in the foreground was carved by an alpine glacier.
Photo Details: 5D Mark3 unfiltered Astrodon; 10 second exposure time; f2; 35 mm Art lens; 6400 ISO.