Crepuscular Shadows Over Guatemala City

March 28, 2016

High cumulus and Anticrespuscular shadow

PhotographerDavid Rojas
Summary AuthorsDavid Rojas; Jim Foster

The montage above shows a set of crepuscular rays against an altocumulus sky as viewed from Guatemala City, Guatemala. Building cumulus clouds capping the summits of the Fuego, Agua and Acatenango volcanoes (each exceeding 12,000 ft or 3,658 m and approximately 30 mi or 48 km from Guatemala City), partially blocked the setting Sun -- behind the camera. The shadow lanes from these summit clouds are projected across the sky; their shadows growing as the Sun dipped further below the horizon. Photo taken on February 28, 2016.
Photo Details: Nikon D3200 camera; 1/160 second exposure time; f/16 aperture; ISO 400.