Total Solar Eclipse of March 8, 2016, Observed from Tidore Indonesia

March 23, 2016



Photographer: Constantine Emmanouilidi
Summary Author: Constantine Emmanouilidi

March 2016 Viewer's Choice

As shown above, I was fortunate to have a clear view the total solar eclipse of March 8, 2016, from Tidore, Indonesia. Seeing conditions during totality were excellent. In fact, in regards to aesthetics, the totality phase of this eclipse was the most beautiful I've ever observed. The top photo shows the diamond ring effect and a conspicuous solar prominence; the bottom photo shows the Sun's outer corona. I carried with me two telescopes for high-resolution imaging of the Sun's corona and a spectrograph to capture the flash spectrum during the eclipse and to take the coronal spectra as well.

Almost anyone witnessing a total eclipse for the first time is left awestruck. I particularly enjoyed working with the locals on this isolated island, both children and adults, and informing them of how eclipses happen as well as the safest viewing methods.