First Routine Satellite Observation of Earth's Weather

April 08, 2016

April 1, 1960 1st Picture from TIROS (1)

Image from the National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS); Thanks to Scott Doering
Summary Author: Scott Doering
The launch of TIROS I (Television and InfraRed Observation Satellite) on April 1, 1960, marked the first day it became possible to observe the Earth's weather conditions on a routine basis from the vantage point of Earth's orbit. TIROS I ceased operating in mid-June 1960 due to an electrical failure. During the 77 days it operated 19,389 pictures were acquired that had use in weather forecasting. The photo above, showing the Canadian Maritimes, is the first image from acquired from TIROS I -- April 1, 1960.