Cerro del Morro, Argentina

May 12, 2016


Photographer: Ariel A. Trepin
Summary Authors: Ariel A. Trepin; Jim Foster

Cerro del Morro, shown in the background, is an ancient volcanic cone found in the Central Pampean Mountains, in the province of San Luis, Argentina. Surrounded by a Pleistocene alluvial plain, Cerro del Morro (the nose on the hill), at approximately 5,250 ft (1,600 m), is known by locals as the sentinel of the valley since it can be seen from various places within San Luis province. Its generous base extends about 8.5 mi (14 km). At the summit, a broad crater inside the volcanic cone, having a diameter of nearly 2.5 mi (4 km), can be reached by hiking trails. Photo taken on April 2, 2016.