Paradise Port on the Antarctic Peninsula

June 06, 2016


The photo above shows Base Brown in Paradise Port, Gerlache Strait, on the Antarctic Peninsula. Established in 1951 as a meteorological observatory and station to conduct scientific research, this Argentinian base is only occupied during the Antarctic summer season. It's also become an excursion destination and stop-off point for cruise ships. Occupants who call this base home must endure long stretches of solitude, blustery weather and sunless skies. Nonetheless, the scenery can be striking. Note that buildings are painted bright colors to break up the monotony of the often monochrome landscape. Photo taken on January 14, 2011.
Photo Details: Nikon D90 camera; Nikkor 18-105 mm lens; f/5.6; 1/4000 sec. exposure; ISO 400.