Solstice-to-Solstice Solargraph for Southern England

July 06, 2016

 Solar_oriented_inverted_DNN_crop_clean_crop_annotated_half (2)

Photographer: Greg Parker
Summary Authors: Greg Parker; Jim Foster

This solargraph was initiated last December 20 and finished on June 20. It's a winter-solstice-to-summer-solstice daily view of my southern sky, as observed from the New Forest Observatory in England. Compare it with the same period last year. They look quite similar; a sunny early winter, changeable skies in late winter and early spring (associated with northern migration of the polar jet stream and storm tracks) and sunny again in late spring. As in the past, I used a pinhole camera made with a plastic drainpipe and photographic paper. Note that I put this solargraph at a higher tilt angle, towards the zenith, than I did on prior ones to make sure I got the top of the curve in. The bright out-of-place lines at right center may be due to  overdoing the tilt angle.