Analemma of the Sun from Budapest, Hungary

August 02, 2016

Photographer: György Soponyai
Summary Author: György Soponyai

This analemma shows the figure-eight-shaped curve of the Sun during the course of the year as observed from Budapest, Hungary. Each image was recorded near local noon (11:44 Central European Time). The project began on July 23, 2015, and ended on July 4, 2016. Note that the figure eight stands very close to a vertical position at the noon hour.

The photo of the foreground was taken on the bank of the Danube River on January 7, 2016, when the Sun was about to move up from the bottom portion of the figure eight curve. Facing east you can see the Hungarian National Theater, the Palace of Arts and the pillars of Rákóczi Bridge -- all at left center and center. In the movie "The Martian", the Palace of Arts was used to fill-in for the headquarters of the China National Space Administration.
Photo Details: Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera; Sigma EF 8/4.0 fisheye lens. Image cropped for detail.