Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Over the Ionian Sea

October 28, 2016

IonianLightning_IGP98399 (3)

Photographer: Ntafis Stavros
Summary Author: Ntafis Stavros; Jim Foster
Powerful bolts of lightning strike at the Ionian Sea as observed from northwestern Greece on September 1, 2014. As a cold front pushed toward the southeast through the very warm, moist air over the sea, thunderstorms developed, and near our location (in mainland Greece but not far from the island of Corfu), a shelf cloud formed, as seen at bottom right in the photo. Intense lightning accompanied this fast moving storm. The cloud-to-ground strikes were particularly impressive and downright scary. After about 20 minutes of nonstop action, the storm moved off to the east. Closed beach umbrellas add a spooky touch to this tumultuous scene. [Revised November 2017]

Photo Details: Camera Model: PENTAX K200D; Focal Length: 18.0mm (35mm equivalent: 27mm); Aperture: ƒ/6.7; Exposure Time: 20.000 s; ISO equiv: 200; Software: Oloneo PhotoEngine.