Prohodna Cave

November 03, 2016


Photographer: Sinathis Stratos
Summary Author: Sinathis Stratos
Shown above is Prohodna Cave, a karst type cave found in the Iskar Gorge area of north central Bulgaria. Formed during the Quaternary, Prohodna Cave (translated into English as Thoroughfare Cave) is approximately 860 ft (262 m) long -- the longest cave passage in Bulgaria. It can be explored via two entrances that lie at opposite ends of the cave. Traces of prehistoric habitation (Neolithic and Chalcolithic) have been discovered here.

Prohodna is known for the two nearly equal-sized holes in the ceiling of its middle chamber, referred to as the Eyes of God. These holes, formed by erosion, allow light into the cave. They were featured in the 1988 Bulgarian film "Time of Violence". In one scene, a priest prays below the Eyes. The larger entrance of the cave has become popular for bungee jumping.