Rainbow and Storm Viewed from Evia Island, Greece

January 11, 2017

Rainbow Panorama 13-12-2016 (4)

Photographer: Dimitris Malliaris
Summary Authors: Dimitris Malliaris; Jim Foster

At first glance, the photo above looks like a huge storm trashing a perfectly good rainbow. However, this rainstorm is actually responsible for this scenic primary rainbow, observed from Evia Island (Pissonas village), Greece. The storm was moving very quickly, produced rain and sleet, and its precipitation shaft seemingly fits within the rainbow's arch. However, there's no specific distance from a viewer where a rainbow can be found. Two horizontal shots were used here to capture this bow. Note that 35 mm cameras have a smaller field of view than the 42-degree size of a primary rainbow, so trying to snap a picture of a rainbow's triumphal arc can be exasperating. Photo taken late in the day on December 13, 2016.

Photo Details: Pentax K-3 II camera; Pentax HD 16-85 mm WR lens; 16 mm focal length; ƒ/5 aperture; 1/200 sec. exposure time; ISO: 100; Adobe Photoshop CS5 (Windows).