Sea Smoke Near Corfu, Greece

February 01, 2017

SeaSmoke_DJI_0124_small (5)

February 2017 Viewer's Choice

Photographer: Bill Metallinos
Summary Authors: Bill Metallinos; Jim Foster

Shown above is sea smoke rising above the mouth of the Potami River (Corfu, Greece), as observed from my DJI Phantom 4 Drone, during the first hour of sunlight in the New Year. At the time the photo was taken, a cold wind was blowing from the northwest -- from the direction of the drone camera toward the shore. Sea smoke or sea fog is a type of fog, most often seen during the colder months of the year that forms as cold air passes over open water that’s considerably warmer than the ambient air temperature. Similar to leaving a hot cup of coffee outside on a cold winter's day, once the layer of air immediately above the fluid cools to the dew point (water vapor condenses) it becomes visible as a cloud -- fog. Photo taken on January 1, 2017.