Davelis Cave

April 26, 2017

Davelis_DSC_0230 (2)

Photographer: Leonidas Tzanis
Summary Authors: Leonidas Tzanis; Jim Foster

Shown above is Davelis Cave found on Penteli Mountain near Athens, Greece. This historic cave was discovered some 2,500 years ago when workers in a nearby marble quarry stumbled upon it. The marble quarried in this area was used to construct the Acropolis. Davelis Cave is a natural cave formed over tens of thousands of years from carbonic acid in rainwater working on the softer limestone and marble that composes much of Penteli's slopes. Also known as the Cave of Pendeli, it's approximately 230 ft (70 m) long, averages about 150 ft (46 m) wide and is 65 ft (20 m) high at its highest point. The name Davelis comes from the story of a 19th century pirate of sorts, named Davelis, who is rumored to have used the cave to hide his bounty.