El Nino-Driven Storm Waves During the Winter of 2016 

May 29, 2017

Waves 4 (2)

Photographer: Mila Zinkova
Summary Author: Mila Zinkova
Powerful waves like the one shown above crashing ashore in Pacifica, California, accompanied the El Nino-driven storms during the winter of 2016 as well as the Pineapple Express storms of this past winter. Click on the photo to see a video featuring a collection of clips filmed during the winter storms of 2016 as observed from Pacifica.

These El Nino storms were particularly strong in the region of the California coast near Pacifica -- tremendous waves (some over 10 ft or 3 m) battered the shore and harbor areas. Coastal erosion was so bad that a few apartment houses had to be demolished in order to prevent them from falling onto the beaches below. Constant flooding, streets closures, the yards of many residents covered by waves and the seeming never ending cleaning up of the sand became disturbingly normal during the 2016 winter season. Even I made the news when doused by waves during my filming.