Throne of Zeus

May 04, 2017


Photographer: Konstantinos Tamateas
Summary Author: Konstantinos Tamateas

Olympus3According to the ancient Greeks, Mount Olympus, shown above, was known as the Throne of Zeus. Its summit, at 9,573 ft (2,918 m) is the highest in Greece and is referred to as the Pantheon. Mount Olympus is composed chiefly of sedimentary rocks that formed some 200 million years ago in what was then a shallow sea. The Twelve Olympian gods of ancient Greek religion and mythology made Olympus their home. Pantheon was their meeting place and the theater of their stormy discussions. In spite of its rather modest height, it seems its summit wasn't reached by mere mortals until 1913. This photo and the one at left (showing the view from the summit looking east) were captured this past July when my friends and I scaled Mount Olympus after a 5-hour hike.