Reflection off Lagunas Larga, Spain

June 22, 2017

LagunaPanorama (1)

Photographer: Daniel Puerta Sanchez
Summary Authors: Daniel Puerta Sanchez; Jim Foster

Shown above is an attention-getting reflection off the still waters of Laguna Larga in north-central Spain. This small lake is one of the eight lakes that form Lagunas de Neila; each occupies a cirque carved by glaciers in the Sierra de la Demanda. While it can be a challenge to discern the reflected image from the actual image when water is calm and clear, the reflected image is always slightly dimmer, except when the incidence angle (the angle made by the camera lens, the water surface and the Sun) is exactly 90 degrees. Note that Laguna Larga has the only floating peat bog found in Spain. Photo taken on April 2, 2017.

Photo Details: Panorama of 5 photos; Canon EOS 80D camera; Tokina 16 mm lens; ƒ/3.2; ISO 800; 1/8000 sec. exposure; Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Windows).