Skypools on Broad Creek, North Carolina

September 07, 2017

Skypool_on_BroadCreekIMG_1571 (1)

Photographer: Lisa Brantley
Summary Authors: Lisa Brantley; Jim Foster

The photo above shows skypools in Broad Creek, off Pamlico River, North Carolina. It was taken facing west as beautiful sunset colors painted the sky over the western horizon. Skypools are the distorted, elliptical-shaped reflections seen on wavy water surfaces. These ever-changing loops of light are actually composed of multiple reflected images of the sky and shore area, some of which are inverted. To see them best the observer needs to be positioned so the entire wave surface can be detected, typically about 15 degrees higher than the waves. Photo taken on August 2, 2017.

Photo Details: Camera Maker: Apple; Camera Model: iPhone 6s; Focal Length: 4.2mm (35mm equivalent: 29mm); Aperture: ƒ/2.2; Exposure Time: 0.033 s (1/30); ISO equiv: 32.