Quebrada de Las Conchas Region of the Andean Mountains of Argentina

October 20, 2017

Argentina_SaltaProvince_EPOD1 (1)

Photographer: Ottone Scammacca 
Summary Author: Ottone Scammacca 

Shown above is the rugged landscape of the Quebrada de Las Conchas region of northwestern Argentina (near Cafayate in the Province of Salta). The thrust faulting observed here give evidence to the strength of the tectonic processes that have shaped the Quebrada de Las Conchas. Tectonic activity associated with the Nazca plate pushed intrusive igneous rocks and metamorphic structures to the surface some two million years ago. The rather sharp delineation of the ridges and other features shows that much of this region is geologically young. In addition to weathering by wind and freeze and thaw cycles, the Rio las Conchas has played a role in carving this land as it meanders southeastward from the Andes Mountains. Note that the cinnabar colored rock in the foreground was exposed by road-cuts (Route 68 and Route 40).