The Crescent Moon, Venus and Zaniah over the Alps

November 17, 2017

CrescentMoonandVenus_DSC07139 Panoramaepod (2)

Photographer: Adrien Mauduit
Summary AuthorAdrien Mauduit 
This beautiful, early morning view shows the crescent Moon and Venus above the silhouetted Swiss Alps (east of the Dents du Midi) as observed from Gex, France, on October 17, 2017. The Moon was only 3 percent illuminated at the time. Its unlit portion is visible as a result of earthshine. Note that the faint star beneath Venus is Zaniah, in the constellation of Virgo.
Photo Details: Sony a7rII camera; Sigma 150-500 mm lens; APO f/4-6.3; 3 landscape shots - ISO 1600; 1 sec exposure; f/7.1; 500 mm.