Observations of All Four Eclipses in 2017

January 01, 2018

Eclipses_2017_All_eclipses_1800px (1)

Photographers: Petr Horálek; Miloslav Druckmüller
Summary Authors: Petr Horálek; Jim Foster

Four eclipses, four countries, four adventures and four unforgettable experiences. This is how I would sum up my eclipse year in 2017. One of the dreams of an eclipse chaser is to see and to successfully photograph, all solar and lunar eclipses in a calendar year. For me, this dream finally came true in 2017. Each year has a minimum of four eclipses; two solar and two lunar. In fact, most years have only four eclipses, such as 2017. It should be noted that total eclipses don't necessarily occur every year.

The composite image above shows all four eclipses of 2017; a lunar eclipse (penumbral) and a solar eclipse (annular) in February and a partial lunar eclipse and a total solar eclipse in August. Because each eclipse was captured with similar setups and equipment, the angular size of the Moon is the same in each photo. For more about this, click here.

Photo Details: February 11, penumbral lunar eclipse viewed from the Czech Republic; February 26, annular solar eclipse viewed from Argentina; August 7, partial lunar eclipse viewed from Germany; August 21, total solar eclipse viewed from the U.S.