Supernova SN 2018gj

January 19, 2018


Image Taken by: Patrick Wiggins 
Summary Author: Patrick Wiggins 

Featured above is the recently discovered supernova 2018gj, located in the direction of Ursa Major but some 67 million light-years away in galaxy NGC 6217. I captured it from my home observatory in Tooele, Utah, on January 14, 2018. This was my fifth supernova discovery and has been confirmed by the supernova working group of the International Astronomical Union. The light from this supernova that's just reaching Earth today started its journey about a million years before the dinosaurs became extinct.

Photo Details: Taken with a Paramount ME, C-14 telescope (operating at f/5.5) and ST-10XME camera, binned 3x3 through a clear filter; 5-second exposure; taken at 9:49:23 Universal Time (2:42:23 local time). The field of view is approximately 18 x 26 arc minutes. Software used: TheSky6, CCDSoft and Orchestrate. North is up, east is to the left.