Glevan Tunnel of Love

February 14, 2018

Tunnel of love klevan Ukraine photos (3)

February 2018 Viewer's ChoicePhotographer: Barbara Elliott
Summary Author: Barbara Elliott 

This leafy,1.8-mile (3 km)-long tunnel of trees is found along a train line in a Ukrainian forest. Particularly in spring, this eye-catching avenue is a favorite spot for young romantics to stroll with that special someone. 

The unique landscape design of the Glevan Tunnel of Love was created chiefly by alder and birch trees that formed a thicket arching over the train line. The trees were initially planted to mask the train tracks, which led to a nearby military base. Later, when the base was disbanded, the branches were no longer trimmed. Thus, a living cave was created.

In 2014, Japanese film director, Akiyoshi Imazaki, premiered the romantic drama "Klevan: The Love Tunnel" at the Hanoi International Film Festival. The MyScienceAcademy website has included this love tunnel on its list of real places that look unrealistic. Photo taken on May 20, 2017.