Grotto of the Enchanted

March 08, 2018


Photographer: Monikeli Wippel 
Summary Author: Monikeli Wippel 

Shown above is the Grotto of the Enchanted (Gruta das Encantadas), located in the southern portion of Honey Island (Ilha do Mel), on Paranagua Bay, Brazil. The name of the grotto comes from an ancient legend of beautiful mermaids living here, whose soft, lovely songs enchanted local fishermen and sailors alike.

The hill seen here consists mainly of migmatite that's been split by an intrusive igneous dike -- the darker colored rock shown over the opening of the cave. Over time, differential erosion of the dike (composed of diabase), which is less resistant than the migmatite, formed the grotto. Access to it is facilitated by a walkway.

The origin of the name of Honey Island has several versions: One version mentions that sailors living on the island dedicated themselves to beekeeping; another says the Carijós Indians who also lived here were lovers of bee honey. Photo taken on November 16, 2016.

Photo Details: Camera: Motorola XT1069; Exposure Time: 0.022s (1/45); Aperture: ƒ/2.0; ISO equivalent: 80; Focal Length: 3.5mm.