Lenticular Clouds Over Pissonas, Evia Island, Greece

April 10, 2018

Lenticular Clouds 13-2-2018

Photographer: Dimitris Malliaris
Summary Authors: Dimitris Malliaris; Jim Foster

April 2018 Viewer's ChoiceSometimes amazing atmospheric phenomena can be observed over the mountains near my home in Pissonas, Greece. This eye-catching lenticular cloud formation could be seen over Mount Dirfys (5,719 ft or 1,743 m), at left center, and Mount Xirovouni, at right center, during the late afternoon of February 13, 2018. Lenticular clouds (Altocumulus lenticularis) form over elevated terrain, usually in stationary lee waves. As shown above, if the air flow is vigorous and water vapor abundant, layers will begin to build and stack upon one another at the crests of the wave.

Photo Details: Pentax K-3 II camera; Pentax HD 16-85mm WR lens; 21mm focal length; ƒ/5.6 aperture;; 1/125 sec. exposure time; ISO:100; Adobe Photoshop CS5 (Windows).