Ljotipollur, Iceland

July 20, 2018


Photographers: Alvaro Perez and Jose Manuel Perez
Summary Authors: Alvaro Perez and Jose Manuel Perez 

Ljotipollur is a volcanic crater lake in Iceland that formed following a tremendous eruption in 1477. It's found in the south highlands region of Iceland, in the southernmost crater of the Veidivötn fissure system. Strangely enough, Ljotipollur's name means ugly puddle. However, this natural lake, about 46 ft (14 m) at its deepest and covering approximately 0.17 square miles (0.43 square km), is considered to be one of the most attractive inland water bodies in all of Iceland. Ljotipollur is well known by Icelandic anglers for its plentiful brown trout. Photo taken in August 2017.