Castle Braunfels, Perseid Meteors and Mars

August 30, 2018

Oliver_Perseids_DSC07995-2all (2)

Photographer: Oliver Stiehler
Summary Authors: Oliver Stiehler; Jim Foster

Shown above is a composite image showing meteors from the Perseid meteor shower raining on Castle Braunfels, in west-central Germany. The camera is facing southwest, opposite of the radiant of the shower -- the constellation of Capricornus is in the background. Meteor colors result from the different chemical compositions of meteoroids as well as from atoms in the atmosphere being ionized by the passage of the meteoroid, causing them to emit photons of specific wavelengths, particularly red and green. Mars is the bright object just above the castle, which was erected in 1246. Photo taken in the early morning hours of August 12, 2018.

Photo Details: Sony A7R2 camera; 2-second exposure; ISO 5000; 85 mm at f1.4; Sigma 85 mm Art.