Encore - Fence Eating Tree

August 18, 2018


Tree and boy

6a01116860210d970c022ad3a7f2bb200bToday and every Saturday Earth Science Picture of the Day invites you to rediscover favorites from the past. Join us as we look back at these intriguing and captivating images.

Provided by: Greg Lopatka
Summary authors & editors: Greg Lopatka; Jim Foster

2004 (top): Remember that tree that would eat Charlie Brown's kite every spring? The photo above shows a tree that evidently craves iron. It was taken in an IHOP parking lot in Chicago, Illinois. Trees have an amazing ability to survive seemingly very inhospitable habitats, such as this manmade environment of rusted steel and asphalt. In addition, city trees have to endure high levels of pollution, in the air and in the water. However, any tree with this little fella's (Michael) arm around it would have to feel a bit better about the mess it's in.

2018 (bottom): Here's how this tree looks some 14 years later and fully leafed out in mid summer (inset photo) and with Michael fully grown. As you can see, the tree, with the fence still running through it, and Michael are doing just fine.

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