Mature Alluvial Fan

August 29, 2018

Forest_BB2CD132-7CCE-4316-8C42-C5DF520D104F (1)

Photographer: Robert Forest 
Summary Author: Robert Forest 

Shown above is a mature alluvial fan as observed over the west side of the Hood Canal, in western Washington. Hood Canal is a fjord that forms one of the arms of the Puget Sound system. This photo, taken from my plane, shows large trees, a highway and even several houses that have been built along the base of the fan -- the camera is looking southeast. The fan projects about one-quarter of the way across the canal. Note the small river (top right) flowing to the south side of the delta. Photo taken on July 14, 2018.

Photo Details: Camera: NIKON D3400; Exposure Time: 0.0080s (1/125); Aperture: ƒ/11.0; ISO equivalent: 160; Focal Length (35mm): 37.