Altocumulus Sunset Over Corfu, Greece

October 18, 2018

Sunset_DSC0639__Pano7 images_small (1)

Photographer: Bill Metallinos  
Summary Authors: Bill Metallinos; Jim Foster

The panorama above shows a striking sunset as observed from Corfu, Greece, on September 11, 2018. On this late summer's evening, mid-level clouds (primarily altocumulus) exhibited eye-catching patterns and colors. Cloud shadows further enhance this sky-scape. When the Sun is low in the sky, the increased path-length of sunlight scatters out the shorter wavelength colors (greens, blues, violets) from our view, leaving the yellows, oranges and reds to paint the sky. However, if clouds are absent and the sky relatively free of aerosols, most all sunsets will be unremarkable.

Photo Details: Sony A7Sii camera; EF 16-35 Lii; 6mm, f2.8; 7X V_Panorama, ISO 800; Adobe Photoshop.