Garden Spider and Web

October 30, 2018



Photographer: Susan Lang 
Summary Authors: Susan Lang; Jim Foster

This impressive spider web (top photo) adorned my little backyard a few weeks back. One night I discovered the culprit responsible for building it and snapped its photo (bottom photo). It appears to be a species of the orb weaver spider (also called a garden spider), that's quite common where I live in southern California. Named for their large rounded webs, which may extend 2 ft (60 cm) in diameter or greater, these large spiders (typically ranging between about 1/4 inch to an inch in length) have rounded abdomens that may exhibit brightly colored markings. The webs are usually positioned near outdoor lighting because the insects they nibble on are positively phototactic -- attracted to light. Photos taken on September 25 (top) and September 26 (bottom).

Photo Details: Top - Camera: Samsung SM-G955U; Exposure Time: 0.0049s (1/203); Aperture: ƒ/1.7; ISO equivalent: 50; Focal Length (35mm): 26. Bottom - Same except: Exposure Time: 0.100s (1/10); ISO equivalent: 640.