Golden Moon and Pink Sky above Niagara Falls

October 15, 2018

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Photographer: Miguel Claro
Summary Author: Miguel Claro 

The photo above shows a golden Moon during twilight over the magnificent Niagara Falls. These falls consist of the American Falls at left, the much smaller Bridal Veil Falls, just to the right of the American Falls (both in New York State) and the Horseshoe Falls at right (in Ontario, Canada). The Moon is reclining on the anti-twilight arch (Belt of Venus), the red-tinged portion of the rising Earth's shadow.

Below the American Falls, in the Niagara River, a tourist boat gives visitors a close-up view of this impressive spectacle. At 180 ft (57 m) the Horseshoe Falls is the biggest of the three falls. Some 6 million cu ft (168,000 cu m) of water cascades over its precipice every minute -- about a million bathtubs full of water every minute. The 3 waterfalls combined produce the highest flow rate in North America.

Created by glacial activity around 10,000 years ago, at the current rate of erosion, it's believed Niagara Falls will disappear in approximately 50,000 years. Luckily you still have time to be one of the 30 million people that every year visit these beautiful falls. Photo taken on August 23, 2018.