Isla de los Estados, Argentina

October 11, 2018

Pablo_DJI_0188-0004 (1)

2222222Photographer: Pablo Simone
Summary Authors: Pablo Simone; Jim Foster

The photo above shows Isla de los Estados, Argentina. It was taken with my Mavic Pro drone while I was in Port Parry aboard the Ocean Tramp, a passenger ship with regular routes to Antarctica and Isla de los Estados. This currently uninhabited remote island, of the province of Tierra del Fuego, is part of a natural reserve under the control of the Argentine Navy. Only a few ships have clearance to visit Isla de los Estados and anchor here. Cold, wet and windswept, it's considered by many geologists to be the eastern-most extension of the Andes Mountains. Breeding colonies of rockhopper penguins can be found along its rocky shores. Photos taken on November 14, 2017.