Encore - Night Sky Observed from Paros Island, Greece

December 01, 2018


Today and every Saturday Earth Science Picture of the Day invites you to rediscover favorites from the past. Saturday posts feature an EPOD that was chosen by viewers like you in our monthly Viewers' Choice polls. Join us as we look back at these intriguing and captivating images.

Photographer: Stavros Hios
Summary Authors: Stavros Hios; Jim Foster

April 2013 Viewer's Choice The image above shows a view of an illuminated, old sailing ship and the glow of the Milky Way as observed from the island of Paros, Greece, in the Aegean Sea. Since the Moon was in the new phase and because this area (southernmost point of Paros) is quite isolated, the night sky was nearly pitch black. The camera is facing in the direction of the constellation of Sagittarius -- toward the center and densest portion of the Milky Way. Sagittarius has more Messier objects than any other constellation. The brightest of these is the Lagoon Nebula (Messier object M8), visible with the naked eye -- at top. Just above M8 is the Trifid Nebula (M 20). Photo taken on July 15, 2012.

Photo Details: NIKON D7000 camera; F/5; 70mm lens; ASTROTRACK

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