Castle of Alange in Fog

February 01, 2019

Fog_1154_20181207 (1)

Photographer: Juan Manuel Pérez Rayego 
Summary Authors: Juan Manuel Pérez Rayego; Jim Foster

Shown above in the mid-ground at left center is the fog-enshrouded Castle of Alange, in southwestern Spain. Cold, clear nights and calm winds during late fall, when daylight is in short supply, often lead to the formation of radiation fog (also referred to as valley fog or ground fog). When cooling during the overnight period drops the air temperature to the dewpoint, or below it, the air becomes saturated, resulting in a layer of fog (cloud) at the surface. The Castle of Alange stands some 1590 ft high (485 m) and was built by the Moors in the ninth century AD. However, it's possible that the early Romans had previously built at this site. In fact, at the foot of the mountain Roman baths were found that date to the late 2nd century AD. The cloud that protrudes from the fog, in the foreground, is likely from the chimney of an oil mill. Photo taken on December 6, 2018.

Photo Details: DSLR; 400 mm; f / 5.6; 1/4000 sec. exposure; 5.6; ISO 125.