Crack in the World

March 26, 2019

EPOD Travertine Hot Springs retouched

EPOD Travertine Hot Springs detailPhotographer: John Kupersmith
Summary Author: John Kupersmith 

This huge crack was observed at Travertine Hot Springs, near Bridgeport, California. Over time, these hot springs have formed travertine, a type of limestone. Travertine is created by the precipitation of calcium carbonate. On this photo travertine has formed around the springs and in a long, low mound leading down to the where the spring water is pooling. The mound at this location is approximately 6-8 feet high (2-2.5 m), and the crack is about 18 inches wide (45 cm) and two feet deep (0.6 m). The photo at left shows a closeup of the travertine. In the background is the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Range. Photo taken on January 20, 2018.

Photo Details: Fujifilm X-T20; 16-50 mm lens at 16mm (24mm equivalent); ISO 200; 1/550 second exposure; f/8.