Supermoon of February 19, 2019 Rising Above Maniace Castle

March 19, 2019

Moon rising

Photographer: Dario Giannobile
Summary Author: Dario Giannobile

The photo above shows the rising supermoon as observed on February 19, 2019, from Syracuse, Italy. The full Moon is rising in the east just as the Sun is setting in the west. On this image, the path of the Moon was captured (making 14 separate exposures) as it rose above Maniace Castle, the medieval castle of Federico II. Note that the Moon is passing through the shadow of the Earth and then into the belt of Venus. As it rises and moves away from the horizon its color changes, becoming more yellow, as the path length of moonlight decreases.

This supermoon was the largest of the 3 consecutive such moons in 2019. Look for the nearly full Moon as it rises tonight and for March's supermoon as it rises tomorrow night.