Lightning Display Above Potamia, Greece

May 31, 2019


May 2019 Viewer's ChoicePhotographer: Stratos Synathis 
Summary Author: Stratos Synathis 

The amazing lightning display featured above was captured Over Potamia (Thassos Island), Greece. A particularly nasty storm passed over Thassos on the night of May 17/18, 2019 (from about 22:30 on the 17th until 00:30 on the 18th), generating hundreds of cloud-to-ground bolts. This 30-second exposure shows dozens of attention-getting strikes as viewed from my home.

Photo Details: Nikon d750 and Tamron 15-30 camera; 33 frames at f11; ISO 100 and 30-sec exposure. Lightroom and Photoshop.

Potamia, Greece Coordinates: 40.7167, 24.7290