Lunar Halo Over the Maldive Islands

May 09, 2019

2019_04_17_Soneva_Beach_LunarHalo-horalek-christensen-credit (1)

Photographers: Petr Horálek; Lars L. Christensen
Summary Author: Petr Horálek 

The photo above shows a glorious lunar halo as observed from Soneva Fushi Island, Maldives, on April 18, 2019. The Moon was but one day shy of being full. This nighttime halo was so bright that you could even notice faint colors. Like their daytime brethren, but with moonlight instead of sunlight as the source of illumination, they form when light is refracted by randomly-oriented hexagonal ice crystals that compose cirrus clouds or by free-falling ice crystals.

Photo Details: Canon 6D camera; Samyang 12 mm lens; Software: Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 (Windows).