Excavation of the Roman Fort of Legio in the Jezreel Valley of Israel

August 30, 2019



Photographer: Jim Bucko 
Summary Author: Jim Bucko 

These pictures show the sacred area of the Roman Fort of Legio in the Jezreel Valley of Israel. Part of the fort was excavated this July under the direction of Directors Matt Adams, Yotam Tepper, and Susan Cohen. This is the area within the fort that the sacred Standards would have been displayed. That is, the long staffs with the Legion's emblem mounted at the top.

The central feature of the sacred area seems to be a large piece of bedrock that was left untouched or un-tooled. It was considered sacred for some unknown reason. This was a surprise since such a feature has not been seen in any other Roman Fort excavations. We believe the Legion Standards would have been displayed around this rock. A well-constructed polished floor and platform surround the rock. It’s believed that this fort was occupied between 117 CE to 290 CE. Photos taken in July 2019.

Photo Details: Top - Camera: Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS; Exposure Time: 0.017s (1/60); Aperture: ƒ/2.8; ISO equivalent: 160; Focal Length: 6.2mm. Bottom - same except: Exposure Time: 0.0040s (1/250); Aperture: ƒ/8.0; ISO equivalent: 80.