Conspicuous Cloud Shadow

September 26, 2019

Sun and shadow 1

Sun and shadow 2

Photographer: David Wigglesworth
Summary Authors: David Wigglesworth; Jim Foster

Shown above at top is a dramatic cloud shadow I observed with my family when visiting the Epcot Center at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. Both of the above photos were taken late in the afternoon on August 6, 2019. The first photo is looking away from the Sun (toward the east). The second photo (at bottom) was taken from the same position, but I had turned around 180 degrees. This shot shows a towering cumulonimbus cloud effectively obscuring part of the Sun, thus shadowing a portion of the sky. We were at just the right position (perspective) to enjoy the spectacular shadow cast by this cloud.

Photo Details: Photos taken with a Google Pixel phone camera and were not edited in any way whatsoever.