Stone Arch Bridge and St Anthony’s Falls on the Mississippi River

September 18, 2019


Photographer: Dale Hugo 
Summary Author: Dale Hugo

Shown above is the upper Mississippi River, the Stone Arch Bridge and St Anthony’s Falls as viewed from near Minneapolis, Minnesota, part of the 72 mile (116 km) long Mississippi National River and Recreational Area. Off in the distance you can see the skyline of downtown Minneapolis. Old flour mills can be seen in the mid-ground, along the west side of the Mississippi River (left). Though none are in operation today they once used the power generated by the drop in the river behind St. Anthony Falls, which was the only falls for the entire length of the Mississippi.

After the natural falls partially collapsed in 1869, a concrete apron was constructed to replace it. So, the falls are now beneath a beautifully curved dam or spillway. Note that a hydropower plant still operates off to the far right of the picture. The Stone Arch Bridge, built in 1883 as a railroad bridge, is now for pedestrians only.