Landmannalaugar, Iceland

November 29, 2019


Photographer: José Sousa
Summary Author: Stu Witmer

Iceland's Landmannalaugar, (the People's Pools) was named for its abundance of natural geothermal pools. Landmannalaugar is situated within the Torfajökull Caldera, a rhyolitic stratovolcano and complex of subglacial volcanoes. This caldera is at the intersection of three diverging seismic zones (including the Mid-Atlantic Ridge) in central Iceland where geothermal activity is widespread, mostly as fumaroles inside the caldera. The eastern area, where rhyolite is nearly the only kind of rock, has the best exposures. When Torfajökull erupted in 1477 it created Iceland's largest area of silicic extrusive rocks with an exceptionally high proportion of rhyolite to basalt.