Narcissus and Cyclamen

February 26, 2020


Photographer: Menashe Davidson
Summary Author: Menashe Davidson

Menashe_Picture3Many people living in Israel celebrate the winter season by traveling to their favorite locations in order to see the beautiful wildflowers that appear after the first rains of the new year. Narcissus (top photo) is closely related to the daffodil and is a common wildflower in Israel. It’s known here as the king of the swamp. Cyclamen (bottom photo) like narcissus, grows all across the country. Both are the wild ancestors of cultivated varieties that were selected for their showy, colorful flowers and their ornamental value.

It's very rewarding to able to bring nature home. The photo at left shows narcissus (foreground) and cyclamen (background) as ornamental cultivars, grown in my apartment garden in Rishon LeẔiyyon, Israel. Not surprisingly, this narcissus found a way to be the center of attention. Top and bottom photos taken in January 2020; inset photo taken on February 1, 2020.