Snowcapped Mount Dirvis and Alpenglow

April 15, 2020

Dirfis 2020-02-28

Photographer: Dimitris Malliaris
Summary Author: Dimitris Malliaris 

I observed this beautiful alpenglow on snowcapped Mount Dirfis (Evia Island), Greece, on February 28, 2020. The atmospheric conditions were almost ideal, so I decided to take a photo using my telephoto lens, as shown above. The Sun has already set at the base of the mountain, but the cloud-covered peak is still bathed in its last rays. Mount Dirfis is the highest summit on Evia Island (Euboea) (5,719 ft or 1,743 m).

Photo Details: Pentax K-3 II camera; Pentax HD DA 55-300 mm; f4.5-6.3; ED PLM WR RE lens; 230 mm focal length; ƒ/7.1 aperture; 1/200 sec. exposure time; ISO:200; Adobe Photoshop CC (Windows).