Sapphire Cove and Approaching Storm

June 16, 2020


Photographer: Kevin Saragozza
Summary Author: Kevin Saragozza 

The photo above was taken near my villa in Plemmirio, (Italy) on the afternoon of April 23, 2020. The huge boulders and rocky cliffs protect Sapphire Cove from the Mediterranean Sea. This charming natural cove is one of many found along the coast of southeastern Sicily.

That’s me in the background observing the sky, in particular, approaching storm clouds -- cumulonimbus capillatus. Not long after this photo was snapped, these mature storm clouds ushered in strong winds and heavy rain, enough to cause local flooding.

Photo Details: Sonya7iii camera; mc 11; Canon 16 35; f4. This photo was made by merging several shots in HDR after the final files were merged to generate the overview; later the file was post-produced with Photoshop.