Southern Andes of Santa Cruz, Argentina

June 03, 2020


June  2020 Viewer's ChoicePhotographer: Hector Garrido 
Summary Author: Hector Garrido 

Featured above are the southern Andes Mountains in the Lake Buenos Aires (General Carrera Lake) region of the province of Santa Cruz, one of the six Patagonian provinces of Argentina. This region is a paradise for geologists as numerous rock types are exposed at the surface, most of metamorphic origin. In the foreground at right stands Cerro Colmillo at 3,871 ft (1,180 m) and to its left in the mid-ground is Cerro Lapiz at 5,323 ft (1,623 m). In the background rises one of the unnamed peaks of the high Andes, looming at 8,688 (2,648 m). The Rio Ghio drains this desolate region. Photo taken on November 27, 2019.

Photo Details: Nikon D300 camera; Sigma 70-300 mm lens; 1/3200 sec. exposure; f / 7.1; ISO 320.