Delightful Glows on a Summer's Eve

July 28, 2020

20200613 7R304660-4686 Stars and fireflies

Photographer: Alessia Scarso
Summary Authors: Alessia Scarso; Jim Foster

Sometimes called lightning bugs or glow worms but more often referred to as fireflies, they’re appearance is a sure sign that summer is at hand. Emerging during twilight, they use intermittent bioluminescence to attract mates and perhaps to also lure prey. Shown here in Monteleone d'Orvieto, Umbria, Italy, with a backdrop of the Milky Way, these little packets of light will soon disappear, though their offspring will be back in time for next summer. Photo taken on June 13, 2020.

Pumbaa: Timon, ever wonder what those sparkly dots are up there?
Timon: Pumbaa, I don't wonder; I know.
Pumbaa: Oh. What are they?
Timon: They're fireflies. Fireflies that, uh... got stuck up on that big bluish-black thing.
Pumbaa: Oh, gee. I always thought they were balls of gas burning billions of miles away.
Timon: Pumbaa, with you, everything's gas.

- from "The Lion King"

Photo Details: Composition of 24 photos; SONY ILCE-7RM3 camera; 20 seconds exposure time; ƒ/2.8; ISO 1000; 35 mm.