Noctilucent Clouds Observed from Northeastern Germany

July 07, 2020


Photographer: Dennis Hennig 
Summary Authors: Dennis Hennig; Jim Foster

At the end of a rather foggy evening, skies cleared and this display of noctilucent clouds appeared, as observed a little north of Berlin, Germany, on May 26, 2020. Taking into account that it was early in the season at this latitude (52.8 degrees north), for these upper atmospheric (mesosphere) clouds to be seen, this display was quite unusual. The Sun was 11.3 degrees below the horizon when I snapped this picture, but because noctilucent or night-shining clouds form at altitudes between 31 to 53 miles (50 to 85 km) above the Earth’s surface, they were still illuminated by the Sun’s remaining rays.

Photo Details: Camera: SIGMA SD15; Software: GIMP 2.10.14; Exposure Time: 30.000s; Aperture: ƒ/2.0; ISO equivalent: 50; Focal Length (35mm): 23.