Sass da Preja Buia

July 27, 2020

Photographer: Michela Meda 
Summary Author: Michela Meda 

Shown above is the Sass da Preja Buia, a large, erratic serpentinite boulder found to the northwest of Sesto Calende Italy, in the province of Varese. It dates back to the Quaternary Period, likely the most recent (last) glaciation. A glacier, in its retreat, dragged both moraine material and large boulders which, like this one, slipped up to its present location from the Val d'Ossola. In historical times, it’s thought that the Sass da Preja Buia was used as a sacrificial altar. Because of both its historical and geological significance, this green-colored erratic is designated as one of the natural monuments of the Varese area. Photo taken on June 30, 2019.

Photo Details: Pentax K5 camera; 18/55 mm at 20mm; f/11; ISO 200; 1/60 sec. exposure.